film day!

What a fantastic day we had filming our crowdfunding campaign video. David (our Production Manager – and my BF) and I met up with Angela and Sarah early this morning on the last car of the 7 train. We headed into Manhattan and had brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup on the upper West side where we shot mine and Angela’s interview. Angela talked about why she wrote the play and I spoke about why it’s important to produce it now. We both mentioned the idea of intimacy and what a world might be like where this concept were not only completely lacking, but even forbidden. The food was amazing and we had a nice time, laughing and drinking tea and talking about the show.

Then we began our timelapse filming at Central Park. As Angela held the camera and directed David and Sarah – our two campaign stars! – I ushered foot traffic along. Many people felt the need to stop, not wanting to interrupt our filming, but the passing back and forth is exactly what we were going for. Sarah got teased a bit too – people stopped to ask her how long she could hold her pose down by the tree, then in the grass and finally by the bench.

We repeated this technique in Times Square after a quick water break at 1501 Broadway where I work. We found a couple of tables in the pedestrian sitting over by the TKTS Booth at 45th and Broadway. David sat and watch the tourists pass by as we filmed Sarah in the background getting closer and closer. There was a man behind us dressed somewhat like an odd monk moving very slowly in and out of meditative-like poses. Sarah was asked by a few passersby if she was with him – which gave us a laugh – as did the Free Hugs guy that passed through our filming holding his markered cardboard sign high over his head. I even managed to get a Priscilla, Queen of the Desert girl who was passing our show brochures to step into the film and give one to David as he sat there, Sarah poised just over his shoulder with an offering of a pretzel.

Our final stop was in Washington Square Park. We discovered that our speakers – which were to be used for our final bit – did not work. So we improvised and Sarah ended up serenading David on the stone benches by the fountain. It gave us a good laugh! Hopefully it will tickle others as well – enough to inspire them to take out their credit cards. 🙂

Afterward, as a reward we grabbed some deliciously refreshing gelato and then headed home. It was a great day, and I can’t wait to see how Angela edits the film together!



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