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I’m very excited to report that Ali Lucas will be designing lights and some metal work for the show, which will consist of the arrows and some of the costume pieces for both Cup and Aphro. The idea is that the cold, rigid qualities of metal contribute to the other-worldliness of the piece as well as create a timelessness for the aesthetic of the show. There is something magical about the use of silver. Cup will wear a sort of half armor or partial breast plate adorned in romantic symbols. Aphro will wear a necklace that somehow incorporates an empty heart. The three arrows in the show will be made of metal and will rise from points of metalic impact. For example, the arrows in Timothy’s eye may look something like a silver eye patch with the arrow sticking out.

It’s a fantastic idea and I’m excited to see drawings!

I also know that Aimee, our set designer, has been dreaming up some interesting design ideas. She will be working with Ali on the windows and the use of light and shadow on the set. Just today I learned that she’s also interested in using recycled and found objects and materials to construct the world – suggesting that the characters have taken what was trash from the time before them and using it to create their current society.

We now have a rough draft of our donation letters, donation levels and crowdfunding gift ideas. I also have two appointments next week to look at theaters. And today Angela and I reshot our interview for the campaign video.

We are moving right along!


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