Today I sent in our deposit for The Access Theater, which is located on Broadway at White Street. It’s official now – we are putting on a show!

Angela and I had a great work day last weekend. We wrapped up the crowdfunding video and discussed fundraising. Met with Sarah recently and brainstormed about rehearsal process. Everyone has been extremely productive over the past couple of weeks.

Still working on the donation materials – just realized we have to get everything approved through Fractured Atlas. Also looking into a CPA for this process. As it turns out, all our fund raising is taxable. Looking for insurance – we need both volunteer and general liability. What a learning this experience this has been. Thankfully I know a lot of people who have produce independent theater. There is a lot of good advice among our friends and collagues.

I am super excited about our donation thank you gifts! And people have been responding very positively to them. I hope this means there is money to be raised!

We have a production meeting scheduled for next week, and I have tentative meetings with both a set designer and sound designer. Auditions will be in early September and we’re getting lots of great suggestions for casting. It’s very exciting how things are coming along..


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