Catching Up

Been awhile since I posted. Have been swamped at work – both with the day job and tasks for the show. We had another production meeting recently where we all looked at the model Aimee built. It’s an abstratcted face of an apartment building with large windows, some of which are covered by a frosted material and others that are left open for action to play through. Behind this is a sculpture wall built out of boxes that contain sculptures of found materials. The effect through the window – and what we imagine light will do to all these varied surfaces – is pretty great. Very surreal, modern and slightly suggestive of other worldly. The base of the building uses plastic bottles, and we hope the footprint of the building will be raised from the deck – we think we have some platforms to borrow from other theaters. Downstage there are two low brick walls on either side of the stage – I love these as they suggest sort of classic Greek perches for the Gods.

Ali has been working on her design and she’s actually quite excited to work with the few instruments available. She says she’s good at doing a lot with a little. Her idea is to cast an array of interesting shadows using few lights, the window frames, and the sculpture wall. She’s going for very cold light overall and also hopes to incorporate some practicals throughout like modernized street lamps. Watching her and Aimee work together was really great. The collaboration that has been happening is inspiring.

No costume designer yet – I think I am going to end up doing this design myself. Ali has volunteered to help me shop. I’m headed to DC tomorrow morning for my job and I’m taking my drawing pad to work on these designs. I think I’ve figured out what most of these people look like – I just need to formalize it, make some specific choices, and then begin to gather and alter. I stumbled across a company called Steampunk recently and I’m really excited by their aesthetic. I plan on using them as visual research for my costumes. They take the inner mechanics of metal machinery and mix it with Victorian elements. I absolutely love it!

The fundraiser is drawing to a close – only two weeks left. We still need to raise around $3,000. Angela is optimistic that we will. I hope so. I think we’ll get close at least. I’m hoping that people buy their tickets early for the $27 advance price.

We still have insurance to secure, and rehearsal space to find and book. I have supplies to buy and perks/gifts to make, assemble and ship. So much to do!

And it’s been decided that I need to start a theater company so we have a name to produce under. I have some ideas – perhaps I’ll sketch on these tomorrow in the car too…


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