We got Lucky!

Yesterday our Gettin’ Lucky fundraising campaign came to end. We not only met our goal, but surpassed it by hundreds of dollars. Some of our pledged donations are still coming in, so I don’t have an exact total just yet, but we raised around $8,630 dollars. Astounding.

This past Saturday some of us got together to begin assembling the donation perks (thank you gifts). I’ve had the prints printed and we matted them – they look really nice. We mixed together homemade brown sugar scrubs, and pasted and decorated valentine-like thank you cards. We drank mimosas and talked about launching the campaign, coming up with our perk ideas, and starting work on the show. Over the past few months, since we began in June, we’ve really accomplished a lot. Already it feels amazing to see where we began and where we are now.

Aimee’s set design is coming along beautifully. Her model is a site to see:

We’ve been collecting cardboard boxes, random recyclables, and objects and materials of interesting textures. She’s working to keep the design as green as possible, using only found materials. A few weeks ago we had a very successful trip to Build It Green where Aimee and Ali found all sorts of random materials and lighting fixtures. We drove it all home to Aimee’s apartment where she expertly stashed it under her bed for the time being (I have a pile in one corner of my apartment – not the neat Tetris-type that Aimee is known for, but good enough!).

In the realm of costumes I have been unsuccessful in finding someone who is available to work with us. Our solution to this problem – as I am sure will be the solution to many – is that I will do it with the team’s help. I’ve been working on sketches and today one of the actors and I went shopping. We had good luck and I came home with several finds. It was a really fun day and I’m excited to see all the elements come together.

Angela has been working on a marketing plan. We met about it recently and she’s got a lot of great ideas. I’m most excited about our upcoming “Spark Plugs.” You’ll have to wait to find out about these…

We’ve planned our first rehearsal for December 10th. We’re holding it here in Queens at my apartment. Angela is cooking a homemade Italian meal (meatballs and zitti and red sauce, oh my!) and all the designers are coming to talk about their concepts. I’ll present costume ideas and we’ve asked everyone to bring a random object to donate to the set. Then we’re going to read the play and discuss. Our second rehearsal is the following day and I am super excited about this – we’re doing an expert runthru where we run the entire play on its feet unstopped. Only the second rehearsal and we’ll have done the play from start to finish! You always learn amazing things about the cast, working with one another, and of course the play. It’s become one of my favorite exercises.

More to follow…


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