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Some of the cast met up today at TheaterLab for a marketing photo shoot that Angela organized with Sarah’s help. All their studios are white, and we rented for two hours the same studio we used for our reading of Spark this past spring. It was nice to be in that same room where this show first started to take shape.

We saw Ali’s (metal work and lighting designer) arrows for the first time – they are awesome! The points of impact look incredible – like silver splatters of blood. And the arrows themselves are lovely, though a little dangerous as we learned when someone got poked in the forehead and blood was drawn. Makes me nervous, but I feel confident that with rehearsal we can all be perfectly safe.

It was also great to see some of the costumes start to come together. Meg is so lovely as Aphrodite in her long flowey dress and it was great fun to see her in her silver makeup and dramatic eyelashes. Alex too is extremely lovely – her dress, so unlike what I thought would work, seems perfect for Dalia. Her arrow is the most dramatic. It’s hung by chains across her heart and is splattered with red.

I’m not sure Cup’s costume is working yet. A man in drag is always funny, but his current clothes seems to lack the sex appeal that I think should underlie his present deterioration. He is Cupid after all. And it was over lunch with Ali and David (production manager) that I was convinced – Ali is very into fashion as well as jewelry – that perhaps I need to revisit the dress he’s wearing. We went shopping afterward and I found a gold sequined skirt. I’m taking it to rehearsal tomorrow to see if it fits. It’s moments like this when the producer starts fighting with the designer- I’ve already spent my budget for this character, and I’m still spending. But I want what’s right, what’s best. I suppose this is the conflict (especially when you are working in both roles).

In addition to taking shots for publicity, I had the actors pose for some potential poster pics. Looking forward to seeing them and what I can do with them. A big thanks to Eric our photographer for his time and expertise.

Tomorrow I rehearse with Meg and Malcolm and we begin to tackle the complicated roles of Aphro and Cup. Then we’re running the show again. Every third rehearsal we run the show – for continuity and an opportunity to play. It’s Cindy’s (Marked/Susie) first day and I’m excited to see her in the roles for the first time and for her to meet the cast and them her. I also have some stuff planned for Alex…been thinking a lot about Dalia…


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