Spark Plug: Cindy N. Kawaski

Spark Plug: An interview series with playwright Angela Santillo and the artists of Spark.


Sunday, 11:30am.

Café down the street from our rehearsal room.  Ms. Kawasaki is drinking tea.


Angela Santillo
When someone asks you to be in a new play, what is the first thing that crosses your mind?

Cindy Kawaski
Yay!  You know, my training was at the Actor’s Theater of Louisville and that’s all about new plays and script changes right before you get onstage.  So I like that energy, that really creative “birth of theaterland.”  We literally got script changes before we went out for our premiere.  Like, “Oh hey!  By the way, next to your makeup are script changes.” But the only way to deal with that is to be positive about it and be excited that you have something to keep you present, you can’t phone it in.

Is there anything different as an actor approaching a new role versus being in an existing play?

You really get to be part of the creative process in a sense.  I mean, that’s true anyways but sometimes your performance can be colored by, “Oh, so-and-so played this when she did it.”  There’s some stigma maybe attached to a certain role and sure you can transcend it but it’s hard to.  Sort of like polluting a jury pool but when it’s fresh, anything is possible.

Describe your dream project.

I like to write and direct also but in a collaborative way.  Some of the best pieces I have done have been Viewpoint pieces that have been created from scratch and come out of actions/reactions.  I would love to work on some more pieces like that but take classic pieces and reinterpret them that way.

What do you think the audience should know before they see this show?

I really don’t think they need to know anything.  I think if everyone’s done their job than anyone can come off the street and know the rules to the world.  I don’t know…

That’s an answer.

They should just be awake!

Last thing.  Finish this sentence: The greatest love story ever told is…


I used to say Lolita but then that got weird looks.  Yeah…that’s going to be my answer.




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