Spark Plug: Alexandra Delare

Spark Plug: An interview series with playwright Angela Santillo and the artists of Spark.


Thursday evening before rehearsal.

Diner.  Sitting in a booth.  Ms. Santillo just finished eating french toast.  Ms. Delare is waiting for her chicken noodle soup.  Ms. Hartmann (assistant director) is drinking coffee nearby.


Angela Santillo
First.  How are you?

Alex Delare
I’m great.  How are you?

Good.  So you were in the first reading of Spark in ’09.  Has anything surprised you…

Chicken noodle soup has been brought to the table.)

AS is there anything that has surprised you about the development of the script since that reading, if you can remember that far back?

Well, I was playing two completely different characters when we did the reading.  I feel like my development in it has been such a different experience.  I was so involved in a different side of the world with the Takers whereas now I am dealing with being a Lovesick. With Dalia (the role she is playing), I understand now why the Lovesicks are who they are in this world and why they can’t communicate whereas before I was distanced from it.  I didn’t understand it as I do now.

And Dalia has been struck in the heart by Cupid.  Give me three things everyone should consider when acting with an arrow protruding from their chest.

Alright.  First of all, when you go down on the floor on your knees and you put your head down, you might actually stab yourself in the head with the back of the arrow.  You basically want to be aware of your body.  As Dalia I’m not supposed to know that I’ve been shot through the heart, I just have a feeling that I love.  Sometimes I’ll be aware that I have something pointing out of my heart and be like, “Okay, don’t focus on this thing protruding from my chest.”  It’s also knowing where actors are and how I move so I don’t take anyone out when I’m moving.

All very wise.

(Ms. Delare eats her soup.)

When you’re ready, what do you love about acting?

(Ms. Delare eats more soup.)

I feel like my response to acting is so different from a number of years ago.  As I’ve gotten older I realize I don’t just act because it’s something I like to do because now I have to give up so much to be an actor.  Now I want to be an actor because I love being able to tell stories and I love being able to dive into a script that really inspires me.  And if I’m dealing with something emotionally, I feel like I can go to a place with a character and deal with my experiences in a different way.

And what do you hate about acting?

Sometimes you don’t want to do it!  Sometimes you end up having to be in a character’s world that is somehow related to what you’re going through and you don’t want to.  And I hate the business aspect of it.  Sometimes you will have a wonderful interview but mostly I just want to do the craft and act my heart out and not worry about making connections.    I wish it was just art all the time.

Last question.  Finish the sentence: The best Valentine’s Day gift is…

A bunch of daisies on your doorstep.


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