We just had out third performance last night, the first being our dress on Wednesday. It’s going well so far and  I remember the moment Thursday night when I thought, well, we finally have a show.

I had intended to write more throughout the process, but having never written a blog during the rehearsal for a production before, I was surprised to learn that so much of we were experiencing felt too private. I would sit at the laptop late at night after rehearsals and ponder what to share and it all felt too raw and capricious to render concrete with black and white words. There was simply no way to capture what was happening – or how I was feeling about it.

I could have written yet again about how well everything was going – and it was – but that wouldn’t have been the whole truth because so much goes into the crafting of a company, a play, the creation of an ensemble, more than can be accurately expressed to the outside peoples. It should go without saying, I suppose, that there is acute pain to inevitably be suffered as well as all the joy. From as far as I can tell it has been a good experience for all, despite the challenges. And most of those challenges we took head on, together, and it was evident that the power of a cast and crew comes from the collaborations happening among and between them. You never know where the next best idea will come from, or what you’ll discover in the soft center of a moment, or who will suddenly see some brilliant solution tucked away in the gray folds of a mercurial situation.

There are some extremely bright actors in this group. We wouldn’t be here without them.

I can say that even after sprinting through the last few rehearsals at the studios, dealing with last minute rewrites and powering through a single day of what felt like endless tech hours, what may be most difficult for the one in my position, is letting go of the show.

I gave notes after opening and it was interesting – and somewhat painful – to see on the following day which notes the actors employed and which they did not. I contemplated giving them again, but thought, it’s becoming their show. They take the reins from here on out. We watch, we encourage, we bring to light helpful tips based on our prospective – but it’s their show now.

And that is an amazing metamorphosis to witness.


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