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Buildings and Arrows and Cupcaks – Oh my!

Over pizza and cupcakes after work yesterday we had an amazing production meeting – our first with the whole group, or at least whole thus far. David went over a tentative production calendar and we talked about the space, load-in and how we imagine tech will go. We’re going to plan a paper tech for lights and sound. Aimee shared with us her stimulating visual research for the set and some preliminary sketches. I’m totally inspired by many of the buildings she showed us. We also got a fantastic sneak peek at the Spark necklaces that Ali has been working on for our fundraiser. I think people are really going to dig them – dudes as well as gals – can’t wait to start selling!

We talked in depth about fundraising and continue to develop our materials and set prices. Hopefully there will be at least one event to raise money closer to the show. Still need to get our materials approved by Fractured Atlas – we’re almost there! Angela has completed the video and the IndieGoGo site is up and running.

The cupcakes were a preview of one of the five recipes I think I’ll offer for the Bake Goods as part of our Gettin’ Lucky Campaign. They were a hit – or as David would say – “the bomb!”

It was a very productive meeting and I know we were all impressed with each other’s work. There is still much to be done, of course, but it’s moving right along!


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Today I sent in our deposit for The Access Theater, which is located on Broadway at White Street. It’s official now – we are putting on a show!

Angela and I had a great work day last weekend. We wrapped up the crowdfunding video and discussed fundraising. Met with Sarah recently and brainstormed about rehearsal process. Everyone has been extremely productive over the past couple of weeks.

Still working on the donation materials – just realized we have to get everything approved through Fractured Atlas. Also looking into a CPA for this process. As it turns out, all our fund raising is taxable. Looking for insurance – we need both volunteer and general liability. What a learning this experience this has been. Thankfully I know a lot of people who have produce independent theater. There is a lot of good advice among our friends and collagues.

I am super excited about our donation thank you gifts! And people have been responding very positively to them. I hope this means there is money to be raised!

We have a production meeting scheduled for next week, and I have tentative meetings with both a set designer and sound designer. Auditions will be in early September and we’re getting lots of great suggestions for casting. It’s very exciting how things are coming along..

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designer update

I’m very excited to report that Ali Lucas will be designing lights and some metal work for the show, which will consist of the arrows and some of the costume pieces for both Cup and Aphro. The idea is that the cold, rigid qualities of metal contribute to the other-worldliness of the piece as well as create a timelessness for the aesthetic of the show. There is something magical about the use of silver. Cup will wear a sort of half armor or partial breast plate adorned in romantic symbols. Aphro will wear a necklace that somehow incorporates an empty heart. The three arrows in the show will be made of metal and will rise from points of metalic impact. For example, the arrows in Timothy’s eye may look something like a silver eye patch with the arrow sticking out.

It’s a fantastic idea and I’m excited to see drawings!

I also know that Aimee, our set designer, has been dreaming up some interesting design ideas. She will be working with Ali on the windows and the use of light and shadow on the set. Just today I learned that she’s also interested in using recycled and found objects and materials to construct the world – suggesting that the characters have taken what was trash from the time before them and using it to create their current society.

We now have a rough draft of our donation letters, donation levels and crowdfunding gift ideas. I also have two appointments next week to look at theaters. And today Angela and I reshot our interview for the campaign video.

We are moving right along!

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film day!

What a fantastic day we had filming our crowdfunding campaign video. David (our Production Manager – and my BF) and I met up with Angela and Sarah early this morning on the last car of the 7 train. We headed into Manhattan and had brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup on the upper West side where we shot mine and Angela’s interview. Angela talked about why she wrote the play and I spoke about why it’s important to produce it now. We both mentioned the idea of intimacy and what a world might be like where this concept were not only completely lacking, but even forbidden. The food was amazing and we had a nice time, laughing and drinking tea and talking about the show.

Then we began our timelapse filming at Central Park. As Angela held the camera and directed David and Sarah – our two campaign stars! – I ushered foot traffic along. Many people felt the need to stop, not wanting to interrupt our filming, but the passing back and forth is exactly what we were going for. Sarah got teased a bit too – people stopped to ask her how long she could hold her pose down by the tree, then in the grass and finally by the bench.

We repeated this technique in Times Square after a quick water break at 1501 Broadway where I work. We found a couple of tables in the pedestrian sitting over by the TKTS Booth at 45th and Broadway. David sat and watch the tourists pass by as we filmed Sarah in the background getting closer and closer. There was a man behind us dressed somewhat like an odd monk moving very slowly in and out of meditative-like poses. Sarah was asked by a few passersby if she was with him – which gave us a laugh – as did the Free Hugs guy that passed through our filming holding his markered cardboard sign high over his head. I even managed to get a Priscilla, Queen of the Desert girl who was passing our show brochures to step into the film and give one to David as he sat there, Sarah poised just over his shoulder with an offering of a pretzel.

Our final stop was in Washington Square Park. We discovered that our speakers – which were to be used for our final bit – did not work. So we improvised and Sarah ended up serenading David on the stone benches by the fountain. It gave us a good laugh! Hopefully it will tickle others as well – enough to inspire them to take out their credit cards. 🙂

Afterward, as a reward we grabbed some deliciously refreshing gelato and then headed home. It was a great day, and I can’t wait to see how Angela edits the film together!


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gettin’ lucky!

What an amazing marketing meeting thanks to Sarah, who is now our Assistant Producer, and Angela. We met to discuss our marketing plan and campaign video  – we’re scheduled to shoot this Sunday – and we have some great ideas that we’re pretty excited about. The video will feature Sarah and Dave Nelson – and who doesn’t like a little Hartman and Nelson to spice up their lives? (And crowdfunding campaigns?)

Stay tuned! Lovesick Sarah is on the way, plus questions answered by the writer and director – about life love and why you should donate!

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brunching broads

Met with Angela and Sarah today for brunch at The Brick in Astoria.

We scheduled a marketing meeting for the 19th. There’s this site to finish, a donation letter to write and a video to film. We’re thinking of sending Sarah around the City with an arrow in her chest. I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces as she takes on the Big Apple stabbed in the heart!

Also talked to my friend Alison today. Got some more ideas about fund raising. She has a lot of experience – I think we’ll definitely pick her brain for ideas and suggestions.

a bit of history
Sarah was in the one-day reading; she played Mystery. She and Angela and I worked together at Chautauqua in 2009. The Marketers are back!

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