Gettin’ Lucky Campaign

In September Spark’s Creative team launched the Gettin’ Lucky fundraising campaign and set out to raise $7,770 to produce the show. After two months we had raised more than $8,600 for production costs.  Thank you to all our generous donors!

Spark involves:

    • Eight actors
    • Four professional designers
    • “Green” scenery crafted from found and recycled materials
    • Funky, futuristic costumes
    • Metallic arrows and jewelry handcrafted by a local jewelry designer
    • Sixty hours of rehearsal
    • Five performances at a theater in the city

These are just a few of the artists and necessary production elements for which the funds were raised. Here are some examples of how the donations will be used:

  • $7 pays for 25 programs
  • $14 pays for 2 hours of rehearsal
  • $21 pays for 4 ½ script copies
  • $42 pays for almost ¼ of our props budget or 2 hand-crafted, metallic arrows
  • $70 pays for more than half of our front of house cost

Some other examples:

  • $50 pays for one actor’s stipend
  • $150 pays for one designer’s stipend
  • $550 pays for the studio rental for our entire rehearsal process
  • $3,500 pays for a one-week rental of a performance space

We are truly grateful for all the generous love and support we have received.