•  Laura Kipnis:  Love in the 21st Century; Against Love  “The issue that remains unaddressed is whether cutting off other possibilities of romance and sexual attraction for the more muted pleasures of mature love isn’t similar to voluntarily amputating a healthy limb.”
  • Sandra Tsing Loh:  Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off  “We are a ‘marriage culture,’ since we both divorce and marry (a projected 90 percent of us) at some of the highest rates anywhere on the globe….Instead of preaching marriage, Cherlin says, we should preach domestic stability for children.  Is marriage the best way to ensure this?  Apparently not, at least not the way we do it in America.”


  • Benedict Carey: Holding Loved One’s Hand Can Calm Jittery Neurons  “Married women under extreme stress who reach out and hold their husbands’ hands feel immediate relief, neuroscientists have found in what they say is the first study of how human touch affects the neural response to threatening situations.”
  • Stephanie Rosenbloom: A Simple Show of Hands  “I see more people on their cellphone than holding hands,” he said, adding, “To some extent we are trading real face-to-face relationships, where there’s touch and body language, for electronic ones.”
  • Stanton Peel, Ph. D., J.D. :  The Disease of Having Too Much Sex  “And that’s where the average American parts company with Dr. Beck: ‘That’s no disease [sex addiction],’ they shout in unison. Just like eating oodles of hot fudge is no disease. It’s an excess — yes it can be extremely self-defeating – even to the point of endangering one’s health. Yes, it can be fueled by the negative consequences from previous such indulgences. That’s addiction.”

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